All About Me

I’m a freelance writer and IT specialist with a passion for science fiction and fantasy. Here on my personal blog I talk about the latter, but I also run two other blogs, one about computers and one about adoption. Here’s how to keep it all straight when looking for me online.

Triona’s Tech Tips
Email: info at guidryconsulting dot com
Twitter: @trionaguidry

My professional blog is for people seeking computer help. I offer tech support tips, security advice, and help with blogs and social media. Tech Tips grew out of my consulting business, as a way for me to provide timely information to my customers about computer news and security. Anyone is free to subscribe by email.

living in a fantasy world
Email: triona at trionaguidry dot com
Twitter: @trionaguidry
My personal blog is for anyone who, like me, is addicted to fantasy and science fiction. I talk about geeky stuff and seek advice from fellow writers in the genre. If you like swords and time travel, stop by and say hello.

Email: me at 73adoptee dot com
Twitter: @73adoptee
My adoption blog. Mostly for members of the adoption community, though guests are welcome (open minds preferred). Here I speak as an adult adoptee about the issues facing us today including stereotypes, bias, and the restoration of our identities and civil rights.