Fangirl Review: Doctor Who/Star Trek Assimilation2 #2: We’re Getting The Band Back Together!

This series is outstanding. My fangirl giggles are echoing back in time, which must be confusing for my classic Trek-quoting, Fifth Doctor-obsessed tweenage self.

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The art is great. The writing is great. The characters are in character, and I can’t emphasize enough how important that is when you’re combining two iconic series. It’s a little predictable — but it’s predictable in a “TNG on Saturday night” kind of way.

Because by the second page it really felt like it was Saturday night and time to gather ’round the TV for a new episode of TNG. We start off with a typical friendship-building conversation between Geordi and Data that made me want to beg for another season of the show. The rest of the TNG crew were in character but perhaps a little wooden. Crusher and Troi got short shrift, although I enjoyed Troi’s empathic description of the Doctor. Worf is as Klingon as ever, Picard and Riker are doing the Captain/First Officer routine. (No Wesley? I guess it’s too much of a risk that he’d tell the Enterprise crew to kiss off so he can cavort around the universe with the Doctor. After all, wouldn’t you rather be told “don’t wander off” instead of “shut up”?)

The whole issue felt like watching TNG, except when it felt like watching Doctor Who. I’m not sure I can envision any Doctor other than Matt Smith’s aboard the Enterprise D at this point. (Well, David Tennant. I can picture David Tennant anywhere.) In Assimilation2, Eleven is his clever and curious self. When he meets the TNG crew, naturally the first thing he’s going to do is examine Data’s head with scientific glee. And, as usual, his mouth is running faster than his brain.

Amy and Rory – “You see THAT, Doctor? They have WINDOWS in their ship and everything.” As Rose said, finally, a professional!  Also, I like Amy’s outfit. I’m half-expecting Riker to hit on Amy so Rory can go all Roman on him like Data did in The Offspring. Leadworth 1, Alaska 0.

Personally, if I saw a mixed fleet of Cyber and Borg ships coming my way, I’d pee my pants before grabbing some gold and a modulating phaser. Yikes.

But the best part of the whole issue wasn’t even part of the issue. It’s the cover for issue #3. I can’t describe the awesomeness, you have to see. As George Takei would say: Ohhhh My!

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