Doctor Who Inspired Jewelry For The 50th Anniversary

Last year was huge for Whovians as we celebrated fifty years through time and space. Between writing articles, watching reruns, and listening to Big Finish, I found time to make some Doctor Who jewelry.

(Spoilers for recent episodes… assuming you haven’t already been spoilered…)


The first set: TARDIS earrings. Because I am a Fifth Doctor fangirl, this is Five’s TARDIS. To make these you’ll need some 4mm split rings, wire, beads, two earring hooks, and two square blanks. I printed the images and glued them to the blanks with a bit of Mod Podge. I also spread a thin coat of Podge on the surface, but be careful not to smear the image.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOf course after watching the 50th anniversary special I had to make earrings inspired by Gallifrey Falls No More. These are my favorite so far. I love those blue-purple swirly beads! Again you’ll need split rings, wire, beads, hooks, blanks.

Last, a ponytail holder and a crocheted hair barrette. Here you can see the completed barrette with the TARDIS earrings and ponytail holder. The ponytail holder was also made from a blank with the image glued with Mod Podge.


For the barrette you’ll need yarn in blue and black, white embroidery floss, black felt and a barrette. The pattern for the rose comes from here. I thought it would be too big for a barrette, so I modified the pattern as follows:

1. Ch19

2. 1dc in 4th ch from hook, ch2 and 2dc in same space. Ch1 and skip 2 ch sps. 2dc, ch2, 2dc in same chain space. Repeat * til end. <6 clusters>

Then skip in the pattern to step 8:

8. Weave tail through embroidery needle and wind up flower. Wrap petals around your finger for even spacing.

The leaves are from this pattern. I made four, two large and two small. For large, work the pattern as specified. For half size leaves, ch7 then (working in back loops) 3dc in 4th ch from hook, 1hdc, 1sc, sl, leaf point, sl, 1sc, 1hdc, 3dc, sl st to top of beginning ch3.


Next, I stitched the immortal words upon the leaves. Probably could have done a better job but I was in a rush to see Day of the Doctor in the theater. It’s almost like I need a time machine.

I glued the rose to the barrette and the leaves underneath with fabric glue. I didn’t like the look of the white thread against the background of the leaves so I glued on some black felt to cover it. Voila, one TARDIS rose barette, guaranteed to look fashionable while running on any alien planet.

Coming soon, more Dragon Age jewelry! Stay tuned.

Have you made any geeky crafts lately? Share links in the comments! I love to see what others have been inspired to make.


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